Finding Freelance Writing Jobs Online

You can’t be a freelance writer online if you don’t have any work. Those who work online call the daily search for work “job trolling.” There are, in general, five different ways to find work freelance writing online.

1. Work with past clients, who will contact you when you do good work and they have further writing needs (you can also contact them to ask about work)

2. Contact webmasters of websites you enjoy or that fall into you niche and ask if they have any writing needs you can fulfill (this is like cold calling)

3. Look for freelance writing jobs posted online. People typically post calls for writers on Craigslist, as well as a number of other online sites

4. Visit websites that compile job posts. These websites save you time, as well as provide you with information about possible scams as they are reported. Some of the best job compiling sites include the following:

5. Join a bidding website. On these sites, you usually have to pay a membership fee and a percentage of your earnings, but you’ll find hundreds of listings. Elance is the top bidding site.

Freelance Writer - Getting a Job Image

Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and meet people who need writing work done. For example, maybe your aunt needs help writing a letter to the local government about a complaint she has or maybe a friend’s father needs text for his business’ brochure. In addition, when you’re good at what you do, you’ll get writing jobs through word of mouth. Hopefully clients who’ve worked with you in the past will recommend you to others they know.

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