April 16, 2010

New on JobMonkey – Get a Job in Photography

Hello to all the shutterbugs out there! This morning JobMonkey launched a new eBook about working as a photographer. It’s a nice piece of informative material (thanks to Lindsey Gregory). If you’re interested in a photography job, then definitely read what Lindsey wrote. The nice thing about taking pictures for a living is that you can 1) do it from home as a freelancer, or 2) work for someone at their place — or both. The eBook touches on fashion photography, advertising and wedding photography, curatorial and archivist jobs, and much more. We’re even adding a few more topical pages next week.

  • Sports Photography
  • Photography Degrees and Training
  • Stock Photography
  • And more info on Freelancing

I love the topic overall since I wanted to be a photographer once. After one semester working for my college newspaper, however, my aspirations came to an end. (long ago!)

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