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Not just anyone can get a photography job, but there are opportunities for almost anyone with some level of knowledge! With training, passion, people skills, and equipment you can make a great living as a photographer. We’ve highlighted many of the top specialties below. Plus, there are many jobs for photography lovers that are more entry-level in nature – or on the periphery. Check out the many possibilities including some that are frequently overlooked.

When you’re ready to search for job openings go to the Photography & Videography Job Listings in the Job Center. New positions are posted every day. You should also create a Job Alert and receive job notifications via email.

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Work as a Photographer

Professional photographers have sweet jobs. The work can pay well, may take you all over the world, and you often meet incredible people!

Photo Editor Working at Desk Photo

Realted Specialties

Not all photography lovers make a living behind the lens. Check out niches including photo editor jobs, education, & curating.

Wedding Photography Photo

Cool Photography Niches

Gain some notoriety with these cool jobs: fashion shoots, concerts & big events, fancy weddings, and exotic travel photography!

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Overlooked Camera Gigs

Capture the moment (and get paid for it)! Look into seasonal jobs around the holidays, ad agency jobs, and overlooked specialties.

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