June 12, 2016

How To Find Jobs In The Fashion Industry

Fashion is popular and trendy. It’s glitzy and glamorous and an attractive niche for job seekers. Thousands of people make their living in the fashion industry, yet it’s a notoriously hard niche to break in to. How are you going to find jobs in the fashion industry? We have a few tips for you in this blog post.

Model on Fashion Runway with people in background

Everyone involved in the fashion industry has to start somewhere. It’s not a niche where you’ll instantly rise to the top. You’ll have to work hard and jump on the opportunities that you’re qualified for. With a bit of determination, you’ll be able to get a job in the fashion industry. Maybe you’re next job will be with Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Burberry, Calvin Klein, or Tommy Hilfiger.

Before you become the next brand name fashion designer, fashion photographer, fashion journalist, world-class make up artist, top stylist, fashionista blogger, or billboard fashion model, you’ll have to get your foot in the door. We found an excellent list titled 10 Entry-Level Jobs In The Fashion Industry on Complex.com that we want to share with you.

If you want to find jobs in the fashion industry, build your resume with one of these fashion industry jobs:

  1. Store Manager
  2. Sales/Brand Representative
  3. Junior Visual Merchandiser
  4. Editorial Assistant
  5. Personal Assistant
  6. Marketing/Social Media Assistant
  7. PR/Advertising Account Coordinator
  8. Design Assistant
  9. Assistant Buyer
  10. Intern

Visit Complex.com to learn more about these jobs, including how much you can make. Discover how a handful of top fashionistas got started in the fashion industry here. Get your foot in the door of the fashion industry today and see where your passion for fashion will take you.

Check out the JobMonkey JobCenter to search and apply for cool jobs in the fashion industry. There are a lot of job listings that you’re going to want to apply for!

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