September 18, 2016

Do You Live In One Of The Top Ten Happiest States Of 2016?

What makes you happy? Is it the company that you keep? Your quality of life? The career you chose? Your physical health? Your financial situation? The state you call home? The things you do in your free time? Or a combination of all of these things? Happiness is a key ingredient if you want to live a life that you love.

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Everyone wants to be happy. Just the thought of being happy should bring a smile to your face. We recently stumbled upon a new study from that analyzed the happiest states of 2016. To determine the list, they compared all 50 US states based on 28 metrics in 3 categories:

  1. Emotional & Physical Well-Being
  2. Work Environment
  3. Community & Environment

Based on their methodology, they ranked all of the states based on their happiness levels on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being maximum happiness. Below we highlight the top ten happiest states:

  1. Utah – 71.02
  2. Minnesota – 69.09
  3. North Dakota – 67.95
  4. Hawaii – 66.63
  5. Colorado – 61.59
  6. Idaho – 60.93
  7. Iowa – 60.9
  8. Nebraska – 60.65
  9. South Dakota – 60.08
  10. California – 59.96

Just so you know, West Virginia came in dead last with a score of 32.65. Find out where your state ranked on the list of the happiest states at

One interesting finding that WalletHub highlights is that life satisfaction increases as income rises – up to a maximum of $75,000 a year. In a way, money can buy happiness. If you choose to find a job that you love and that pays you well, you’ll most likely be a happier person.

As a job seeker, it’s a good idea to take a close look at’s study. This study may encourage you to relocate for a job and to find a job that pays you a respectable salary. Since these are both keys to a happy life, they are important factors to consider during your job search, don’t you agree?

If you need help finding a job, the JobMonkey JobCenter is an excellent resource where you can search for jobs based on location, by employer, or by job title. You can also set up FREE job alerts that notify you by email when your dream job becomes available. Plus you can research pay and gain insight into what different jobs entail on It’s kind of a one stop shop for job seekers. Stop by and check it out.

We hope that everyone can enjoy a happy life!

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