November 17, 2016

Do You Know About The Hidden Job Market?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. There are way more available jobs out there than you will ever find on the Internet. If you haven’t tapped into the hidden job market yet, you’re already behind the competition.

JobMonkey specializes in jobs. Our countless industry guides, easy to use job board, employer directory, and simple search solutions will no doubt make your job search as easy as possible. But sometimes to find a job you have to go new places, like the hidden job market.

The hidden job market refers to jobs that are not posted and are not advertised – the ones you’re not going to find online. Some experts say that the hidden job market accounts for up to 80% of all job openings. If you expand your job hunt to include the hidden job market, you can increase your chances of getting hired.

Are you wondering why a company wouldn’t advertise a job opening? It’s because advertising costs time and money. Most companies think that they can hire from within or get referrals from current employees to fill the position. It’s a cost-free solution to finding the best candidate. But where does it leave you? Missing out on lots of opportunities – unless you have a solid network.

Finding jobs in the hidden job market isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are a few ways that you can find out about jobs that are never formally listed:

  • Build and grow your network
  • Refer others to any jobs that you hear about
  • Attend conferences, trade shows, and meetings with other like minded professionals
  • Build your web presence
  • Contact employers even if no job exists
  • Become an intern
  • Research companies to find out what they need – help them find solutions to problems that they don’t know they have
  • Keep an ear to the ground – read newspapers and search Google to get leads on who may be hiring and firing
  • Stay active and up-to-date on job boards

The hidden job market utilizes professional networks to hire the best candidate. If you were a company, don’t you think that a qualified referral from someone you trust, may be better than taking a chance? The more people you know, the better your chance of being that referral.

Grow your network. Do favors for people. Keep an open minded. Jump on every opportunity. It will all pay off when you land a cool job. In the mean time, remember that JobMonkey is a massive source of information on cool jobs. It’s wise to keep your info and resume up to date. You never know when a recruiter may be looking for someone with your exact skill set.

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