February 17, 2010

HotJobs 71: Summer Camp Work Opportunities

Ah, summer camp. From roasting smores and braiding friendship bracelets to kayaking, swimming and hiking, summer camp is a wonderful place to have the time of your life while making lifelong friends. And I’m not talking about attending summer camp as a camp; you can still enjoy this special summer experience — in fact, you might even enjoy it more! — as an adult by being a summer camp staffer.

The position and rate of pay at a summer camp job is generally determined your by your age and experience, but even those of you without any camping background should be able to land at least an entry level position with many sleep-away or day camps. And while it may seem way too early to be thinking about what you are going to do this summer — especially for those of you on the East Coast, who are digging out from under a meeeeellion feet of snow! — the reality is that February and March are prime hiring season for summer camps.

Today I want to make your summer camp job search a little bit easier by posting three great summer camp job openings from the JobMonkey Job Center. If you’re a JobMonkey blog newbie, this is known is Hot Jobs, and I do this every week! Each Hot Jobs post has a different employment focus, but they all bring you hot job openings that you don’t want to miss. So without further adieu:

1. Outdoor Adventure Staff – 2010 Season, Camp Ridgecrest, Ridgecrest, NC

Camp Ridgecrest is seeking to hire a camp director and two assistants for its boys’ camp Outdoor Adventure Program, as well as an OAP director for the girls’ camp. Job responsibilities include instruction and facilitation of mountain biking, rock climbing, and low ropes course initiatives. Past experience is a must, as are proper safety certifications. To apply for this position, apply directly through the company’s website at Camp Ridgecrest Employment Opportunities .

2. COUNSELORS – 2010 Season , Camp War Eagle, Rogers, AZ

Camp War Eagle is a Christian summer camp seeking counselors for the 2010 season. The ideal candidate must love kids, be willing to have fun, be eager to work long, hard days, have a skill related to an activity taught at Camp War Eagle, and be positive Christian role models. Counselors are directly responsible for 10-12 campers per cabin (with one  or two other co-counselors), plus coaching a team competition and supervising camp-wide free time activities and special events. Counselors work 24-7, with one day off per two-week session.

3. iD Gaming Academy Instructors, iD Tech Camps, Various Locations

Now here’s a different kind of summer camp: A tech camp, where campers learn to program C++ and other not-so-traditional summer camp activities. Academy Instructor are iD Gaming’s version of counselors, and in additional to their specific duties, instructors are responsible for fostering a fun and safe environment while helping kids learn new technology and to think creatively. Instructors must prepare lessons to teach a class of 8-10 students each day, in addition to general camp duties such as lunchtime supervision and socializing with campers and parents. The ideal candidate will have completed at least two years of college, be CPR-certified, and have a background working with teenagers; camp experience is preferred. Technical skills are essential as well, dependent on the area of instruction. At the Game Academy, instructors must demonstrate skill in Autodesk Maya, or C++. Game title experience is also highly desirable.

Good luck with your job search today. If you want to learn more about working at summer camps, please visit JobMonkey’s summer camp employment section.

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