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Burnt Marshmallows. Singing and telling ghost stories around a campfire. Special friends you see once a year. One of the most memorable times in any child’s life is attending a summer camp. In fact, I bet you are thinking about a personal great summer camp experience right now! From roasted hot dogs to arts and crafts to learning to pitch a tent, summer camp is about having fun, learning some new skills, and making lifelong friends.

Summer Camp Kids Roasting Marshmallows by Campfire

Even if you did not attend summer camp as a child, you can still get a camp counselor job or any number of other positions. Summer camps hire for many different positions, and your work could be seasonal or full-time depending on the position.

At most camps there are: summer camp counselor jobs, sports instructor jobs, lifeguard jobs, camp kitchen staff positions, camp maintenance jobs, and more. In short, there is something for everyone when it comes to summer camp jobs, so no matter what your personal talents, you should be able to find work at a summer camp that is perfect for your skills and interests.

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Summer camp jobs have many advantages, but one of the biggest is that you don’t have to have a lot of experience to nab a position. Even if you are still in high school or college, you can get a job at a summer camp in an entry-level position and work your way up from there. If you do have management or other leadership experience, there are also great summer camp jobs available. Basically, your skill level will determine your position and pay rate, but newcomers to the workforce are welcome at most camps!

However, working at a summer camp is about more than just a paycheck. Working at a summer camp also gives you the opportunity to provide children from all walks of life the same great experiences you had at camp as a child. You may not remember all of the specific counselors, directors, and other workers at the camp you attended, but without these people, summer camp is simply not possible.

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Types of Jobs

Summer camps need a wide range of skill sets. Here are some links about what you can expect.

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Finding the Right Fit

Each summer camp is unique. Make sure you find one you could spend an extended amount of time at.

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Important Links

These links will potential summer camp employees find the right fit for them.

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