July 19, 2018

How To Survive A Boring Job

Are you looking forward to work today? If so, congratulations. You really have no reason to keep reading this blog post. On the other hand, if you’re dreading showing up to the office, then this is the post for you.

Why is your job boring? Are you not challenged? Do you genuinely hate your job? Are you not being promoted? Do you not get paid enough? Are you under qualified? Are you overqualified? Do you just wish you were doing something else?

Banking Careers Section Photo ButtonThere are countless reasons why a job might be considered boring. If you find yourself staring at the clock, counting down the minutes until the workday is over, or constantly daydreaming, then your job qualifies as BORING!

Why not make your boring job more enjoyable? Here are a few tips that will show you how to survive a boring job:

  • Listen to music. – If your boss allows it, pump up the tunes. Just be sure to wear your headphones while you rock out. Find out more about the value of listening to music at work.
  • Stay focused. – If you’re constantly working on a project, you won’t pay attention to the second hand clicking away.
  • Get rid of clocks, watches, and other time keeping devices. – Don’t look at the clock. Try to ignore time. It will help you stay focused.
  • Enjoy your lunch. – Make lunchtime about friends, sandwiches, and maybe a bit of social media. Get out of the office and see the world. Your lunchtime is your time.
  • Capitalize on your free time. – Enjoy what you do outside of the office. Often times office boredom is a result of not enjoying your time outside of work.
  • Challenge yourself. – Try to do your job faster or error free. Make your brain work overtime to get results. Then reward yourself for those successes.
  • Make games out of mundane tasks. – George Bernard Shaw puts it well, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Play games. It’s fun!
  • Learn something new. – Hone your mental sharpness by learning something new every day.
  • Change up your routine. – Switch up your meal plans, change your commute, re-schedule your day. It will keep office life more interesting.
  • Talk to people. – Get to know your co-workers. Network more. People are fascinating.
  • Personalize your work space. – Take ownership of your area. Add some pictures, reorganize the desk, clear out the clutter, bring in your pet rock, and make your work space yours.
  • Go outside. – A breath of fresh air will do wonders for your mental health. If you work for an hour, go outside for ten minutes. It’s amazing how refreshing nature is.

Try these things. See if you can make your boring job more fun. If you can, that’s great. Keep up the good work. If you can’t, it’s probably time to quit your job.

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