March 22, 2009

In the News: How to Find a Summer Job ran a great piece this week with advice for teenagers looking for a summer job.

The article acknowledges that Yes, it is tougher than ever before to find a summer job if you are a high school or college student. You are suddenly competing with recent college grads and the growing ranks of unemployed workers, whose experience will likely trump your enthusiasm. That doesn’t mean, however, that you throw in the towel and resign yourself to watching soap operas all summer-long.

The bottom line: You need to get creative and think like an entrepreneur. If you want an internship with a certain company, but they don’t have a formal program, pitch the idea to them. If you can’t find a job as a web designer because the market is so flooded, start your own freelance business. And finally, be sure to take full advantage of your campus career center (which we’ve mentioned several times here at the JobMonkey as well.)

For more on finding seasonal work, read through the JobMonkey Overview of Summer Jobs.  And if you haven’t already read it, you might also want to check out my post from a few weeks ago with 7 Tips for Landing a Summer Job.

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