September 4, 2008

International Volunteering Abroad

Until now, I’ve been focusing on introducing you to JobMonkey’s vast resources about paid employment.

Here and there, I have mentioned internships or summer jobs, but even still, most of these opportunities offered some kind of monetary compensation. And let’s face it; money is pretty important if you want to put a roof over your head, food in your belly and gas in your car.

But there are times in life when money truly isn’t everything. If you are looking for an incomparable life experience and can afford to take the time to do some incredibly meaningful work that isn’t paid, then you’ll want to head over to JobMonkey’s section on International Volunteering. Most international volunteers are pre- or post-college students who can make a long-term commitment (3+ months) to serving a community in need. There are numerous benefits to international volunteering, from the personal fulfillment that comes from serving others to the opportunity to expand your cultural horizons, learn a foreign language and develop some valuable transferable skills for when you do hit the job market.  If you’re still in college, you might also want to consider a volunteer placement for a summer or semester-break, as many universities offer college credit for these assignments.

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