October 24, 2010

Is Your CV Ready for Foreign Employers?

As someone who’s attention is nearly completely on U.S. jobs and employers, something interesting was brought to my attention: Employers in other countries expect different things from applicants.

A good friend of mine, Graham Tappenden, recently sent me his book, How to Write a German CV to review for my personal website, but I wanted to mention the book here for JobMonkey readers as well since it may be relevant to your job search. In the United States, we’re taught to present resumes/CVs in a certain way, but if you’re attempting to get a job in Germany (or any other foreign country), your application may look messy or incomplete.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Although many countries have hiring laws that rival those in the United States, in some countries, you’re expected to include information about you parents, marital status, and children.
  • Employers in many countries expect you to include a headshot-style picture with your application.
  • Because educational terms vary from country to country, if you’re applying for a job overseas, you may confuse potential employers by listing your educational information in the way it is traditionally done in the United States.

For those of your interested in a job in Germany, I can’t recommend How to Write a German CV enough – it’s a clear step-by-step guide that is easy to follow, and you also have the additional option of purchasing a personal CV review from Graham when you’re done. If you’re applying to jobs in other countries, take some time to research what employers expect from you. Sending your U.S. resume isn’t going to get you an interview in most countries.

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