November 30, 2017

12 Eye-Opening Job Search Facts That Might Surprise You

How’s the job search going? Hunting for a job is a complex process. There are so many factors that influence your ability to become gainfully employed. Applications, networks, resumes, cover letters, interview skills, emails, social presence,wardrobe, timing, and so much more plays a major role in your employability. If you want to find a job, you’ll need to bring “A” game at all times.

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Set yourself up for job search success by taking a realistic approach to the job search process. It’s not always straightforward and simple. We found a selection of job search facts and stats from a variety of sources that we want to share with job seekers, like yourself. Hopefully this information will give you a better appreciation of what it really takes to find a job.

Let’s look at some eye-opening job search facts that might surprise you:

  1. Recruiters only look at your resume for 6 seconds (
  2. The average job opening attracts 250 resumes (
  3. Only 2% of applicants will be called for an interview (
  4. 42% of job seekers search using a job board, but only 14.9% of hires are made from job board candidates (
  5. The #1 way people discover a new job is through a referral (
  6. 76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address (
  7. 88% rejection rate when you include a photo on your resume (
  8. Applicant Tracking Software, the robots that read your resume, are able to quickly eliminate 75% of the applicants (
  9. 55% of interview candidates were rejected for the way they acted, dressed or walked through the door (
  10. 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search (
  11. Employers get the first resume within 200 seconds after the job offer appears online (
  12. Only around 17% of the recruiters tend to read the cover letters (

Interesting stuff, right? Based on the facts listed above, is it time to approach your job search slightly differently? These job search facts shine the spotlight on the realities of finding a job. Hopefully they will encourage you to be properly prepared and that will increase your chances of landing the job.

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