September 3, 2008

Jobs in the Airline and Airport Industries

You know that perennial question adults ask children: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" My guess is that for a fair share of you, "Pilot!" was a popular choice. Well if flying the friendly skies was one of your childhood dreams, JobMonkey has all the information you need to turn that youthful ambition into a reality.

Of course, flying a plane isn’t the only job out there for those of you interested in a career in the airline and airport industry. From pilots and flight attendants to cargo handlers, mechanics, ticket agents, security guards and office workers, the airline industry has a host of varied jobs. And most of them offer great benefits like flexible schedules, excellent pay and unbeatable travel perks. While the airline industry has been hit hard by the economic slump and rising fuel prices, there are still a number of in-demand positions. If flying the friendly skies appeals to you, be sure to check out JobMonkey’s extensive collection of articles about the business.

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