February 12, 2015

24 Jobs That Earn Big Tips

Have you ever received a tip for a job well done? In the cool and seasonal job niche, tips are common. Tips are typically given by guests to workers for excellent service.

Tipping is always a bit of a mystery. It is a completely unregulated form of gratuity and generosity that a worker must earn. No matter what job you’re in, tips should never be expected, never mentioned, and always appreciated.

Generally tips are given as money. Sometimes guests tip 20% of the total at a nice restaurant or a client may tip $100 for a full day river rafting trip. As a worker, you may get a few dollars or you may get tipped some amazing sum. Check out these legendary stories of amazing tips. Wow! Whatever you receive as a tip, it’s usually a reflection of your work.

The Department of Labor defines a tipped career as one where an employee receives $30 per month in tips. (If you are in a job that gets tipped, be sure to declare it on your taxes!) In some jobs, tips can make up over 60% of your overall income. In others, tips are just an added bonus that might buy a hard earned beverage after a long day.

After looking at a cool study about tipping from PayScale, we developed a list of jobs that get tipped. Here’s the JobMonkey list of jobs that earn big tips:

  1. Sommelier
  2. Banquet Captain
  3. Pizza Delivery Man
  4. Beautician
  5. Doorman
  6. Limo Driver/Chauffeur
  7. Bartender/Mixologist
  8. Valet
  9. Ski/Snowboard Instructor
  10. Concierge
  11. Maitre d’
  12. Massage Therapist
  13. Dog Groomer
  14. Diving Instructor
  15. Waiter/Waitress
  16. Golf Caddy
  17. Taxi Driver
  18. Tattoo Artist
  19. Butler
  20. Mountain Guide
  21. Exotic Dancer
  22. Gaming Dealers
  23. Tour Guide
  24. Raft Guide

There are obviously other jobs that get tipped too. Can you think of any? Stop by Facebook and let us know.

It’s important to note that tipping depends on where you work. It’s a social and cultural thing. It varies from country to country. It changes in each industry, city, and resort. As a job seeker, you should be aware of tipping practices at your work place.

It’s never a great idea to choose a job because of the tips you expect to make. Instead, choose a job because you are excited about it. The tips are just an added bonus.

Are you ready to find a job that earns big tips? Start your job search today!

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