August 16, 2015

Learn To Code And You Will Find A High Paying Job

07b02c3c6297d9f5_640_writingCoding is in high demand.  It has been called the most important skill a job seeker can have. Most professional coders will make six figure salaries – and many of them don’t even have a college degree. Learn to code and you will get a job.

What do you really know about coding? Coding is the language that tells machines what to do. Without coding, the technology we rely on wouldn’t work. Coding runs our smartphones, websites, apps, social media, email, video games, operating systems, blogs, and so many other things we use on a daily basis.

Without coding our world would be totally different. Coding languages operate behind the scenes and most of us take them for granted. Yet coding is an incredibly important aspect of our lives.

We found a cool coding infographic featured on Business Insider that everybody needs to check out. It looks at different coding languages and helps you determine the best coding languages for you to learn based on many different factors. It looks at the following languages and tells you how much a coder can make in each:

  • Python – $107,000
  • Java – $102,000
  • C – $102,000
  • PHP – $89,000
  • C++ – $104,000
  • Javascript – $99,000
  • C# – $94,000
  • Ruby – $107,000
  • Objective-C – $107,000

It’s wise to learn multiple coding languages to ensure you fully understand the foundations of coding. Did you know that you can learn to code for free at CodeAcademy, Khan Academy, or the Lrn App?

When you can develop a valuable skill for free and expect to make $79,000 as an entry level wage, what’s stopping you from switching jobs? Did we also mention that many coding jobs offer flexible schedules too?

Once you master a coding language, you can find jobs with cool companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google,, or Apple. Your job title might be something like:

  • App Designer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Computer Technician
  • Web Developer
  • Blogger
  • Data Scientist

No matter what you do, you should learn to code. You can learn this in-demand skill for free, entry level jobs pay well, you can work for cool companies, it’s often a flexible position, and employers will want to hire you. That’s pretty much the perfect job description.

Stop by the JobCenter to explore current coding job opportunities. Good luck!

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