March 27, 2009

Link Love for Job Seekers

I wish I had the energy to come up with some pithy intro for my weekly link love, but for some reason I just don’t have it in me today.

(Could be the fact that our weather guy is predicting 6 inches of snow this weekend. It’s nearly April, for pete sake!) Nonetheless, I have gathered some great reading material for you this weekend, so please enjoy!

>> Social Networking Sites for Freelancers @ All Freelance
I love lists, and this post has them in spades. If you are thinking about launching your freelance career, be sure to bookmark a bunch of these social networking sites.

>> Weary of Looking for Work, Some Create Their Own @ The New York Times
Speaking of launching a freelance career, here’s an article from the NYT earlier this month about the growing trend toward starting your own business.

>> 5 Tips for Senior (as in Citizen) Job Applicants @ Resume Bear
Remember my post from several months ago about career tips for the un-retired? If you find yourself needing to find a new job in your late 50s or beyond, give this helpful post a read.

>> You Do Have Options After You Graduate @ My Career Magazine
I love that two of his suggestions — work abroad in Europe and teach English abroad are two of the job areas that we spotlight on JobMonkey!

>> Jobless Rate Exceeds 10% in Three More States @ Bloomberg
Warning: As if you couldn’t tell by the title, this is not a good news news story. Bottom line: Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon joined Michigan (12 percent unemployment), South Carolina (11 percent), California and Rhode Island in the dubious distinction of having greater than 10% unemployment.

>> Laredo, Texas: The Last Recession-Proof City in America @ the Career Hub
Thinking about relocating from Nevada, North Carolina or Oregon? You might want to consider Laredo … of course, I know nothing about the city beyond this post, so don’t take my word for it 😉

>> Interviews: Are you proving your case? @ Career Horizons
Solid advice on prepping for your next interview.

Have you read something recently that inspired or motivated you in your job search? Leave me a link to the post/article in the comments section below. And have a great weekend!

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