November 16, 2014

Sharing Is Caring: Link Love Inspiration

Where do you find job search inspiration? Friends? Family? Experiences? Places? The Internet? All of those are great options. At JobMonkey we find lots of awesome websites, blogs, tweets, and posts online that cover all sorts of useful topics for job seekers. There are tons of options out there, so we want to provide you with some of our favorite places to find inspiration.

Below are some great posts and sites for you to explore. Check them out.

  • Top 50 Internships For 2015 @ – If you want an internship, you have to plan ahead. That’s why Vault’s list of the top 50 internships for 2015 is timed perfectly. In this post, you’ll find the best internships in all sorts of niches and get a personal perspective from a former intern. Awesome!
  • 101 Tips To Make Work More Fun @ Work Happy Now – This post starts with a simple rule, “Fun is a necessary part of life.” It’s so true! Why not make your job more fun? Here are 101 simple ideas that will make you smile at work.
  • 20 Mistakes That Still Kill Your Job Search @ YouTern – We’re all human. Mistakes are a part of life. This infographic highlights common mistakes that are super easy to avoid – fun email addresses, typos, dirty hair, nervous smiles, and 16 others. Read this and don’t be “that” job candidate.
  • The 100+ Hottest Keywords For Your CV Right Now @ JobisJob Blog – Resumes are often screened by computers before a recruiter gets his hands on it. Make sure your CV is primed with the right keywords to get the job you want. This cool article by Donna Svei has over 100 of the highest demand keywords. You’ll want to include some of these on your CV for sure!
  • 4 Ways To Handle Gaps In Your Employment During Your Job Search @ Career Sidekick – We all have a gap or two on our resume. Maybe you were working seasonal jobs, took a gap year, or were unemployed. Whatever the reason for your employment gap, here are 4 ways to approach the subject during an interview.

These posts are only a small selection of the great resources available to you online. We have lots of great advice and info for job seekers on JobMonkey for you to enjoy. Be sure to  Google and explore on your own too. You never know what you’ll find. Just be sure to share it with us!

Have a good one!

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