September 23, 2010

Manufacturing Jobs Available in Wisconsin

Every day, it seems like we read reports dealing with job cuts, so it’s nice to know that in some areas, jobs are actually being generated. If you’re interested in a manufacturing job, think about checking out the situation in Wisconsin. Wausaukee Composites, teaming up with the state of Wisconsin, is reopening a wind turbine manufacturing plant in Grant County, which will create about 200 new jobs.

Wausaufee Composites was forced to lay  off about 90 works in the past few years, so the company is counting this as a huge victory to make so many jobs available once again. The new plant will be located in the small community of Cuba City, in order to be close to wind turbine assembly companies in Iowa, their main consumer. The company hopes to have all the positions filled by the end of the year, meaning that you could get a job and begin working fairly quickly.

If you don’t live in Wisconsin or a surrounding state, moving to this area may not be for you. However, keep in mind that manufacturing jobs are available throughout the United States, even if the job market in your area has dried up. Relocating is a great way to get back to work if you’re having a hard time finding a job.

Along with manufacturing jobs within a plant, you can also consider finding a trucking job, as companies regularly hire new workers to ship parts and finished products from one plant to another. While some of these jobs have you on the road for long cross-country trips, other trucking jobs are more local, allowing you to be home every night. Consider getting your CDL today to start working in this field.

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