Museum Jobs Overview

More Americans attend zoos and museums each year than any other type of attraction, except for movie theaters – thus the job opportunities.
If you think of museums as being dusty, old, and slow, think again. The museum business has been booming in the US for two decades.

Cities view museums, zoos, and aquaria as community amenities that attract both visitors and residents. They add to the quality of life and build traffic for local merchants and restaurants. New museums are sprouting up all over and established museums are expanding.

Museum Exhibit Hall at Museum in Rome, Italy

Maybe you should consider working for a museum.

What would you do in a museum? There are a wide variety of jobs available. Museums need experts in whatever academic fields they include: art, history, science, nautical heritage, etc. They also need carpenters to build and fix exhibits, bookkeepers to handle the business transactions, clerks, and guides. Whatever talent you have, some museum can use it.

Where do you start looking? You’re in luck because it’s easy to find the open jobs in museums. Use the many sources here on JobMonkey to find out where the opportunities are right now.

What do you have to know about museums? Museums have changed and will be changing continuously. Most are no longer just repositories for old stuff. Museums are trying to be more in touch with the people in their communities by offering programs, classes, and special events. You can help by taking up employment at a museum.

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What’s the first step? Read through the information here. Then go visit a few museums. Visit different types of museums to get an idea of the range available in this industry. Then decide if you want to step inside the display case.

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Industry Analysis

Museums are great places to learn and work. Click on the links below to learn more.

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Types of Museum Jobs

There are many types of jobs available in museums. These links highlight some of them.

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Important Links

Museums are filled with a wealth of knowledge. These links will be beneficial to anyone looking to get involved.

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