Museum Archivist Jobs

Archivists are curators for documents and other forms of media. They are often experts in one media and are called on to authenticate documents.

In modern times the types of media have proliferated to include paper, films, video, photographs, computer records, and sound recordings.
Our Photography Careers section includes an overview of photographic archivist jobs which you might find interesting.

Some of their work is responding to questions from researchers who are interesting to gaining information from the documents a museum holds. They assist others in finding the right documents and in accessing them while ensuring that the documents are not damaged.

Archivists understand the chemistry of each form of media and know how to ensure that they do not deteriorate over time. Without the services of a conservator, archivists may perform those functions.

In addition to working for museums, archivists work for libraries, government agencies, universities, and for private collectors of documents.

Most archivists take degrees in history or library science. Skills in foreign language are useful. Advanced degrees are recommended.

Archivist Salary Ranges:

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