May 17, 2011

Need a Job? These People are in the Know…


If you’re job hunting, sometimes the best thing you can do is talk about the fact that you’re job hunting. By networking with other people, you’ll more easily be able to find job opportunities, and if someone is willing to recommend you, your resume will automatically go to the top of the pile. From there, you’re on your own – you still have to create an awesome resume to land an interview, but getting your foot in the door is half the battle.

So who should you tell about your search? Everyone! But these three people are especially good at helping to connect employers who have openings with job hunters they know:

  • Members of the Clergy

Ministers, pastors, priests, chaplains, rabbis, and other members of clergy talk to a lot of people on a daily basis, so if you’re looking for a job in a certain industry, they can often connect you with the right people. Not only that, but they often know of job placement programs that could help you through their work with women’s shelters, group homes, jails, and rehabilitation hospitals. If you’re having a hard time, talk to your religious leaders – they coudl offer much more than spiritual guidance and support.

  • Local Business Owners

Most local business owners know one another because they do business together – the local butcher buys paper bags from the local office supply store and the local office supply store ships bulk items with the local trucking company. Because they’re all so intertwined, they often know when someone in their local network is looking for new workers. Business owners also often belong to business associations, and at meetings and in newsletters, they may share information about job openings.

  • Stylists/Barbers

People who work at barbershops and hair salons are often a community center for gossip. People talk as they’re getting their hair cut, and they might mention in passing that they’re hiring. Or, if you mention to your stylist that you’re looking for a job, they might pass on that information to other customers who come in and mention they work in a similar industry. Some salons even have community boards where they allow customers to post ads and business cards.

No one likes to be out of work, but don’t be shy about your job search. Even people who don’t know you very well might be able to give you valuable leads, so network with as many people as possible.

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