November 10, 2013

Jobs For People Who Love Numbers

Are you a numbers guru? Do you consider yourself a math whiz? Do you dream of digits? Do decimals, fractions, and statistics make you smile?

It sounds like you’re a person who loves numbers. And you know what we always say, find a job that allows you to do what you love. Why not find a job where you can work with numbers?

Here are a few of the top jobs for people who love numbers.

  • Statisticians – Do you have a knack for analyzing data? Can you interpret what numbers means? If you enjoy how numbers relate, then this niche is for you.
  • Bankers – Want to deal with other people’s money every day? Why not work in a bank and help people with finances, savings, mortgages, investments, and cash? Bankers deal with money and people and can make lots of money.
  • Accountants – Where does all of the money go? That’s what accountants have to figure out. They have to keep the credits and debits balanced so that people and businesses are financial successes.
  • Stockbrokers – Do enjoy watching the stock markets tick? Then consider a job trading stocks. Did you know you can work this job from home?
  • Mathematician – This was one of the top jobs of 2011. If you enjoy solving math problems then pursue this career.
  • Economist – Numbers truly affect our economy. It’s up to the economist to see how these trends will affect supply, demand, and you.
  • Actuary – Do you enjoy how numbers effect risk and uncertainty? What’s the probability that you’ll make a big paycheck when you become an actuary?
  • Teacher or Tutor – This may not be the highest paying job for numbers lovers, but being a teacher of math is a very rewarding career.

There are plenty of other totally cool jobs for people who love numbers out there, but these may be a few of the best. Nearly every job involves numbers in some way, shape, or form. Think about all of the jobs where numbers come into play – How many yards for a first down? How high is the ceiling? How many square feet in that house? How many gallons of gas per tank? It goes on and on. Numbers are everywhere.

No matter what you choose to do, numbers are important. If numbers come second nature to you, then why not pursue a career in banking, finance, accounting, education, or some other number loving career?

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