November 23, 2014

17 Eye Opening Office Facts and Statistics

Our lives are full of facts and statistics. As infographics boom in popularity, numbers and facts are featured more prominently than ever before. Pretty much any information you want you can find out with a few keystrokes on your laptop or smartphone.

People love facts and statistics. They are great conversation starters. They offer fascinating, eye-opening information that can changes our outlooks and perspectives on certain things. Out there somewhere it’s somebody’s job to research, poll, and compile the statistics that are presented to us through all sorts of mediums.

In this post, we did a bit of research to find some surprising and scary office facts and statistics that you need to know about. Here they are:

  1. 46% of people will fail within the first 18 months of a new job. The main cause? Poor culture fit. –
  2. 75% of people voluntarily leaving jobs don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses. – Daily Infographic
  3. 71% of American workers are disengaged at work. –
  4. Almost 50% of Americans have gained weight at their current job. 13% gained over 20 lbs. –
  5. There are 21,000 germs per square inch exist on your mouse, keyboard, and chair. – Payscale
  6. 40% of worker turnover is due to job stress. –
  7. Workplace stress costs US employers $200 billion per year in stress related expenses. –
  8. If Americans limited their time of sitting by 3 hours, the average lifespan would be extended 2 years. – Daily Infographic
  9. On average, US workers take only 57% of their vacation days… so they can keep working. –
  10. The average person spends over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. –
  11. 1 in 10 US workers works from home at least once a week. – Daily Infographic
  12. Each year, the average American spends over 100 hours commuting. –
  13. 80% of workers don’t like their jobs. –
  14. 67% of US workers plan on leaving their job within the next year. –
  15. The average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. – LaserFiche
  16. 62% of Americans eat lunch at their desk. – Payscale
  17. Roughly 10,000 workers drop dead at their desks as a result of 60 – 70 hour work weeks in Japan. The phenomenon is known as “Karoshi” –

Does this make you reassess your stress levels, work life balance, or general cleanliness? If so, do some research on JobMonkey because it might be time to make a career move. Next time you see a cool workplace statistic, stop by and share it with us on Facebook. We love this stuff!

These office facts and statistics certainly served as eye openers to us. Hopefully they did the same for you. Maybe it’s time to cut down on stress and find a job that you like. No one wants to be a statistic, so break the mold and do what’s best for you. JobMonkey is here to help.

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