August 17, 2014

These Oil and Gas Employers Are Hiring

What do you use oil and gas for? Temperature control? Cooking? Electricity? Transportation? The world relies on oil and gas for energy. With 7 billion people on the planet, the population is booming and the need for oil and gas is never-ending.

With constant demand, there needs to be a steady supply. That means jobs – and high paying ones too. Why not explore jobs with oil and gas employers? The oil and gas industry is a massive, trillion dollar industry that operates on a global scale. North Dakota, Alaska, Australia, North Sea, Middle East, Brazil, Canada – there are oil and gas fields located all over the planet. The question is, where do you want to work?

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There are many niches and jobs to pursue in the oil and gas industry too. Exploration, production, refinement, trading, marketing, and transportation are all key parts of this industry’s success.

Sit back and think about how many jobs this entails – geologists, derrickhands, wireline operators, truck drivers, petroleum engineers, motorman, drillers, roughnecks, mechanics, roustabouts, drilling contractors, accountants, line walkers, marketers, salesmen, welders, and more. As you can tell, this is a major industry. And FYI – it pays really well.

It’s easy to start your  job search with these cool oil and gas employers:

Get a full list of oil and gas employers here.

The oil and gas industry is an awesome place to find a job. It’s a lucrative industry that always needs people. As long as the world demands energy, there is a need for oil and gas workers. All you have to do find and apply for a oil and gas job on JobMonkeyJobs.

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