September 8, 2013

Working As An Oil Rig Roughneck

The oil industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are lots of opportunities for entry level workers to find high paying jobs. One of those cool entry level jobs is that of an oil rig roughneck.

Roughnecks work as part of a drill team and have one of the most important jobs on an oil rig. It’s a physically demanding gig that works out in the elements. Roughnecks manage the drilling, pipes, and other machinery. They work both onshore and offshore drilling for oil around the clock all over the world.

As long as the world relies on oil, there will be a need for oil workers. Most roughnecks start out as roustabouts and the job usually requires a high school education. Starting salary for a hard working oil roughneck is approximately $60,000, with minimal expenses.

Roughnecks often work 12 hour shifts and may only work six months a year. Plus, some colleges even focus on providing the training to pursue this booming career. The predict a need for at least 24,000 new roughnecks in the coming years. Get the details here.

The oil industry is a fantastic place to make a living. You can learn more about roughneck jobs and the oil industry on JobMonkey. We’ve also made it easy to search and apply for oil industry jobs on the JobMonkey Job Center.


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