January 10, 2012

Online Job Hunting and Privacy

Searching for a job is a lot easier with online resources, like the JobMonkey Job Center. However, if you plan to post your resume online or apply to a job through an online application process, you need to know a few tips about keeping your information private to protect yourself. Keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t list your address publicly.

Your address is a vital part of most resumes, but when uploading online, it is okay to leave that information private. You can simply put the city and state, or you can leave it off completely. You also have the option of renting a P.O. box so your home address is private but people still have mailing information for you.

  • Never give out your social security number online.

Identity thieves can use this information to open credit cards and bank accounts in your name, provide fake citizenship papers for illegal immigrants, and even make large purchases, like cars, on credit. Don’t give out your social security number to someone who says it is necessary for you to get the job. They shouldn’t need this information until the background check process or until you’re hired. If you must give it out, make sure you do it in person and using official documents.

  • Be aware of recurring payments.

On some job hunting sites, you have to pay to be a member. While there are plenty of free job hunting resources out there that you can consider instead, if you do choose to go for a membership site, make sure you’re aware of recurring payment clauses. This gives the company the right to charge your credit card unless you manually go into your subscription preferences and stop it. Also, as always, make sure you only give out credit card information on legitimate sites with secure processing pages. Otherwise, your information could be stolen.

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