January 18, 2015

75 Power Words For Resumes and Cover Letters

If you’re applying for a job, you need a resume and cover letter. Take the time to write both a resume and cover letter that will knock the socks off of a recruiter. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Most people write boring, unimpressive resumes and cover letters. Use power words that help paint a picture of your accomplishments and bring your resume and cover letter to life. You may have heard of power words described as action verbs or buzz words. It doesn’t matter what you call them. Just use power words for resumes and cover letters. It’ll pay off.

The job of your resume and cover letter is to brag about yourself. Show yourself off. Use power words to bring your accomplishments to life and impress that recruiter. Just be sure it’s truthful!

Whether you’re a leader, saved your company time and money, increased efficiency, developed a software program, improved a campaign, supervised a team, hosted meetings, focused on researched, or organized events – the right power words can help shine the spotlight on what you achieved.

Choosing the right power words for resumes and cover letters can be tricky. Not anymore. Now you can bookmark this list of power words for resumes and cover letters and use it as a reference for your job search:

  1. Accessed
  2. Accomplished
  3. Acquired
  4. Activated
  5. Aligned
  6. Analyzed
  7. Awarded
  8. Balanced
  9. Boosted
  10. Built
  11. Coached
  12. Collaborated
  13. Consolidated
  14. Created
  15. Customized
  16. Demonstrated
  17. Designed
  18. Detected
  19. Developed
  20. Directed
  21. Documented
  22. Edited
  23. Enabled
  24. Enhanced
  25. Enforced
  26. Engineered
  27. Established
  28. Experimented
  29. Explored
  30. Financed
  31. Forecasted
  32. Founded
  33. Fulfilled
  34. Guided
  35. Headed
  36. Increased
  37. Influenced
  38. Investigated
  39. Justified
  40. Launched
  41. Licensed
  42. Logged
  43. Managed
  44. Mentored
  45. Merged
  46. Mobilized
  47. Motivated
  48. Negotiated
  49. Orchestrated
  50. Organized
  51. Overhauled
  52. Oversaw
  53. Persuaded
  54. Planned
  55. Presented
  56. Programmed
  57. Promoted
  58. Refined
  59. Revolutionized
  60. Secured
  61. Simplified
  62. Solved
  63. Spearheaded
  64. Streamlined
  65. Strengthened
  66. Supervised
  67. Surveyed
  68. Taught
  69. Tracked
  70. Trained
  71. Transformed
  72. Troubleshot
  73. Tutored
  74. Upgraded
  75. Wrote

Use the above power words for resumes and cover letters to help generate job search results. If you don’t see the perfect power word in the above list, check out this cool list of action verbs. Combine these power words with this resume checklist and you’ll be good to go. Now all you need to do is apply for jobs.

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