April 12, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Fun Job Titles

Job boards are full of witty, creative, fun, and clever job titles. When you run across a unique job title do you ever wonder what that job is all about? You can find all sorts of unique job titles on the JobMonkey Job Board. Fun job titles are a new trend in the world of jobs and they have both pros and cons.

Bicycle Mechanics Working in Bike Shop PhotoIf you’re not familiar with fun job titles, we rounded up a few job title examples here and here. Below are some of our favorites:

  • Digital Dynamo
  • Sales Ninja
  • Social Media Trailblazer
  • Happiness Advocate
  • River Jester
  • Retail Jedi
  • Problem Wrangler
  • Marketing Rockstar

There’s no telling what these jobs are all about unless you read the job description on the job board or have some other sort of clarification.

These fun job titles basically take an average job and give it a humorous, creative spin. Try adding ninja, rockstar, master, guru, star, trailblazer, hotshot, genius, or wizard to your job title. Doesn’t it make your job sound way cooler?

Fun job titles are engaging and attention grabbing. These jobs stand out on job boards and allow the company to express their culture. By changing a job’s title, it provides a twist of personal branding and company branding to a job position that may be relatively standard. Plus, fun job titles are great conversation starters – and they are a big bonus on a business card.

There is a big downside of creative job titles though. Often times odd job titles lack context. Every job title needs to clearly identify what you do. Can you tell me what an Ambassador of Fun or a Swamper do? When these fun job titles show up on a resume, they completely throw the recruiter for a loop. It’s confusing and the recruiter has no idea what you’re capable of.

If you have or had a fun job title, be sure to clarify it on your resume or else it could come back to haunt you. List your odd job title then use a short phrase (starting with a power word) to actively describe what you do. This is important for recruiters reading your resume, but also for resume tracking software to identify your skill sets. Be sure you clarify your job title on LinkedIn so recruiters can find you online too.

At the end of the day, have fun with your job title. What does your business card say? Is your job title a fun expression of who you are and what you do? It doesn’t matter what you’re job title is, just be sure that it’s clear to others what you actually do.

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