December 14, 2015

How To Research A Company Before A Job Interview

Every job candidate needs to know their stuff and be on top of their game during the job interview process. One of the most important things that a job candidate can do is to research a company before a job interview if they want to land the job.

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A few common questions that job seekers ask are: What type of information do I need to research before a job interview? And where in the world do I find that information?

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Before you stress out, we’re here to reassure you that all the information you need is only a few clicks away. You can find everything you need to research a company before a job interview on the Internet. A few quick Google searches, a trip to Wikipedia, a browse through the company blog, a skim of LinkedIn, and a few likes and follows on social media and you will be set you up for success.

Here’s how to research a company before a job interview:

  1. Company Profile – What does the company do? Why do they do it? Learn about the company’s mission statement. Find out how long they’ve been in business and take note of other basic details like awards, branches, number of employees, etc.
  2. Clients & Products – Who is the company’s target audience? Who are their clients? What do they make? What services do they provide? How do these products work? You need to understand this information so you can also understand your role in the company.
  3. Competition – Who is the company’s main competition? Why didn’t you want to work for them? What are the pros and cons that make this company your number one choice? Be able to support your application and tell the company why you chose to apply for the job with them.
  4. News & Current Events – What’s the latest news from the company? Are they in the middle of a major lawsuit? Are they releasing a new product in the near future? Find out why the company has been in the headlines. It can be good or bad, but you need to follow along.
  5. Key Players – Who are the leaders of this company? Who are the key leaders in your division? You need to know this info because it relates to current events and you need to know who’s who.
  6. Culture & Values – What is it like to work for this company? What do they think is important? How will their culture and values effect you?
  7. Financial Health – How is the company doing financially? Are they uber successful, destined for bankruptcy, or just chugging along? This can ultimately have a direct impact on the future of your role in the company. Find out all you can.
  8. Job Description – Learn about the job that you applied for. Try to find out salary info, study up on keywords, and reread the job description. You need to know what you’re getting yourself into and what your role will ultimately be.
  9. Interviewer – If at all possible find out who will interview you. Check them out on LinkedIn to find out if you have anything in common. It will help to break the ice at the job interview.
  10. Insider Info – Visit the company blog, check out message boards, ask your network, and seek details out on social media. It’s good to find out everything that you can.

Proper research  can make it easier to sell yourself as an asset to your future team. It can also help to form the questions that you want to ask during an interview.  You might have to dig a bit to get all the info you want, but it’s all online and it’s totally free.

Use your Internet detective skills and make sure that you research a company before a job interview. A little bit of research now can set you a part from the job search competition and hopefully get you hired.

Always go into every job interview prepared and be ready for anything. Do your research, make a great first impression, and set yourself up for job search success. Good luck!

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