October 11, 2017

The 10 Types Of Job Interviews You Might Encounter

If your cover letter, resume, and job application landed you a job interview, you’re doing lots of things right. Congratulations. But are you prepared for the job interview?

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The job interview is like a match making session. Are you right for the company? Is the company right for you? If you nail the job interview, you have a good chance of getting hired, but are you really ready?

Make A Great First Impression At Your Next Job Interview

It’s easy to spend countless hours prepping for an interview and stressing yourself out. The most important thing is to know what you’re getting yourself into. Whether you’re applying to be a CEO or a treeplanter, you need to know what type of job interview you’re going to face.

Here are a few different types of job interviews that you might encounter:

  1. Traditional – This is the good old face-to-face, one-on-one job interview. It’s a simple sit down with a recruiter where you’ll answer questions. It’s the most common type of job interview.
  2. Behavioral – In a behavioral interview, the interviewer wants to see how you act or respond to a specific job-related situation based on your experience. You might face role playing situations or answer focused questions like, “if this happened, what would you do…”
  3. Performance – In a performance based interview, you are going to have to demonstrate your skills and abilities. The interviewer wants to know if you can you actually do this job well. Hope you didn’t lie on your resume!
  4. Situational – These interviews are unpredictable. You might get an oddball question that is impossible to prepare for. Your interviewer wants to see how you react under stress.
  5. Group – This is when you apply for a job with a group of people. This is typical when a company is hiring multiple people for the same position.
  6. Phone – Phone interviews allow you to conduct an interview from just about anywhere. Often it saves time and is an efficient way to screen candidates.
  7. Skype/Video – This is similar to a phone interview. It’s ideal for applicants who are looking to relocate or are trying to find a job abroad.
  8. Panel – Panel interviews put you face-to-face with a group on interviewers. This can be intimidating.  It means that multiple people are involved in the hiring process.
  9. Career Fair – Often companies will conduct interviews on a first come, first served basis during recruitment events like job fairs. Bring your resume and be prepared.
  10. Public Place – Sometimes interviews take place over breakfast, lunch, or coffee. It’s a bit more of a casual setting, but interviewers are watching how you act in public as this will directly translate to how you will act at work. Be on your best behavior.

Consider what type of job interview you’ll be having. It may affect how you prepare for your interview. If it’s unclear, that’s ok too. Practice interview questions, research the company, and know your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest, positive, confident, and focused. You’re going to nail it!

If you’re still nervous about your next job interview, visit JobMonkey.com for more job interview tips.

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