June 15, 2014

The Ultimate Resume Builder: Internships

Do you have a summer internship lined up? Or are you spending your evenings filling in last minute internship applications? Either way, internships are one of the best ways to spend the summer and build your resume.

Big and small companies offer internships to enthusiastic applicants. Typically interns are college students, but there are internships for people of all ages. Internships offer real world work experience that are mutually beneficial for both the intern and the company.

Interns are able to:

  • Work with real world professionals
  • See the day-to-day activities of different jobs
  • Build a stellar resume
  • Learn from seasoned, experienced people
  • Get a taste for what a company is all about
  • Network with employees
  • Get their foot in the door

The company is able to:

  • Teach interns the way of the industry
  • Recruit exceptional interns for future jobs
  • Obtain eager workers
  • Get a new, young perspective on industry, products, etc.

Are you ready to find an internship? It may be the best way to set yourself up for career success. Often times internships lead to jobs, contacts, and more. You can learn more about Internships here.

Every internship is a bit different. Make sure you know what you are signing up for. Consider pay, location, role, and industry. Nearly every industry and company offers internships. Some are advertised. Other opportunities you must ask about. Try to design an internship that excites you and gives you a proper taste of your potential career path. Do your best to make the most of your internship.

Internships are the perfect resume builder. They show that you are an eager go-getter who is willing to learn about an industry before diving straight into it. Listing an internship on your resume will help show recruiters that you have valuable real world experience in your field. It’s a key ingredient to a successful resume.

Internships are an invaluable stepping stone in your career. Take advantage of any internship you can get your hands on. Why not start your internship search on the JobMonkey Job Board?

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