February 1, 2014

Where’s Your Resume Checklist?

We’re willing to bet that you want to create a flawless, successful resume, right? Have you considered using a resume checklist to help you be consistent and complete when writing your resume?

Checklists are basically pre-designed To-Do lists. They are created as an aid for people to reduce failure by making sure that they complete every necessary task. People use them in all sorts of industries – aviation, guiding, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. It’s a valuable tool that helps create a higher success rate. Plus, checklists are cool!

We have designed a quick checklist designed for writing resumes. It’s a quick guide to ensure that you do not miss out on anything when you’re writing your resume. Save this checklist to use during your next job search or feel free to bookmark this blog page. Here is the latest resume checklist:

Contact Info

  • First and Last Name
  • Street / Mailing Address
  • Phone (Cell/Home)
  • Email
  • Website


  • Include Jobs, Internships, Volunteering
  • Job Title
  • Company and Location
  • Dates You Worked There
  • List of Responsibilities and Achievements
  • Does Experience Relate To The Job You Are Applying For?


  • Colleges Attended
  • Location
  • Type of Degree
  • Dates Attended
  • Special Awards, Honors

Professional Organizations & Certifications

  • Name of Organization or Association
  • Include Certifications


  • Do your skills pertain to the job listing?


  • Use Action Words
  • Read Every Word To Check For Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
  • Double Check Dates, Contact Details


  • Is It Visually Appealing?
  • Is The Length Appropriate?
  • Is It An Acceptable Format?
  • Did You Use Bold Headings?
  • How Many Resume Fonts Have You Used?


  • Omit Sex, Age, Marital Status, Race, and Personal Info
  • Have You Used Keywords From Job Description?

How many of these things have you forgotten when writing resumes? It’s easy to do. Now that you have a checklist, you’re more likely to make sure you do everything you need to do. It’s good to be error-free. This is just one resume checklist. They are easy to find in Google. Find one that works for you and stick to it.

We hope this resume checklist helps you find your next job. Try it before you start your job search. Good luck!

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