January 30, 2018

9 Expert Resume Tips and Tricks For Job Seekers

Is your resume ready to go? In the job search, the resume is the primary tool you’re going to need if you want to land a job interview. For every job application, it’s your job to carefully create a perfect resume that will grab a recruiter’s attention and will edge out the competition. With a few expert resume tips and tricks ready to go, you will have the potential to become the best job candidate ever.

A hand with a pen filling in their resume for a job

13 Ways To Make Your Resume Better Than The Competitions

The goal of the resume is start the conversation flowing between yourself and a potential employer. The resume serves as your personal highlight reel, so spend the time and invest the energy to make your resume unbeatable. With the right strategies in place you can easily create a resume that will land you the job interview.

Below are a handful of expert resume tips and tricks that you need to apply to your resume:

  1. Include Contact Info – If the employer can’t get in touch with you, they aren’t going to hire you. Always include your contact info and make it easy for the employer to reach out to you.
  2. Think Digitally – Since most job applications are sent in digitally, it’s safe to assume that your resume will be reviewed on a screen. Always send your documents as PDF files.
  3. Stick To One Page – Focus your resume on the important things (experience, education, certifications, skills, etc.). If you need to tell a bigger story, direct people to your personal website where they can learn more about you.
  4. Use Action Words – Boring resumes are quickly discarded by recruiters. Action words will help to bring your resume to life.
  5. Make It Skimmable – Unless you’re the most interesting applicant in the room, a recruiter isn’t going to read your entire resume. They are going to scan it for pertinent information in hopes that something appealing catches their eye. If they see the right keywords or information, they will likely dive in deeper to learn more. Use keywords and take advantage of white space to ensure that recruiters can easily scan your resume.
  6. Use Quantifiable Data – Numbers are great things to include on your resume. Add data that shows what you accomplished. For example, instead of saying that you boosted sales, tell the reader that you boosted sales 227% in the first quarter of 2016. That’s a much more powerful thing to include.
  7. Proofread – One single mistake or typo can ruin your chances of getting the job interview. It’s mandatory that you proofread multiple times to ensure that you send in a flawless resume.
  8. Be Honest – Don’t let the heat of the moment encourage you to exaggerate the truth on your resume. Stick to the facts and always tell the truth. If you lie, you will get caught. Learn more about why you should never lie on your resume.
  9. Utilize A Master List – As a professional, it’s your job to create and grow a master list of everything you’ve ever done. This includes skills, courses, travel, degrees, jobs, positions, responsibilities, volunteer work, sponsorships, etc. If you did it, write it down! Then use that information to customize your resume for every job.

CV or Resume? Which One Do You Need?

Is it time to get to work on your resume? These expert resume tips and tricks will take your resume to the next level. Apply these simple strategies to your resume and you’ll be one step closer to landing a job. Good luck!

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