February 1, 2022

Seasonal Ski Jobs Fairs, Coming Soon

I can’t believe I’m really writing this post, since it’s pushing 100 degrees outside right now. But despite the record highs, August and September are prime time for finding a cool job on the ski slopes this winter.

Whether you want to be a ski instructor, patrol the slopes or staff the shops, getting a job at a ski resort is highly competitive. One of the best ways to land a job is by attending a ski resort job fair.

Ski job fairs are a great place for you to learn about the various companies and resorts by talking one-on-one with the year-round staff. You can even schedule your job interview and many resorts make hiring decisions on the spot!

Keep the following tips in mind if you want to be successful at your ski job fair:

  • Most fairs are held on-site several months before the start of the season (aka September and October).
  • Fairs are usually two or three days long, starting on Saturday and running through Monday — or as late as the following Wednesday.
  • The informational part happens over the weekend and interviews are usually scheduled for Monday through Wednesday. Typically, the fair starts on Saturday, at 8 a.m., with an introduction to the resort, a review of company policies. This part may spill into Sunday, but the weekdays are used for interviewing.
  • To find out about fairs in your ski resorts of choice, call and ask. Dates change every year, so don’t rely on last year’s information.
  • Most employers require standard drug testing these days.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular resorts and their usual fair times


  • Jackson Hole
  • Breckenridge (varies, so call ahead for dates)



  • Mt. Hood Ski Bowl
  • Alpine Valley Resort
  • Chestnut Mountain Resort

Check out our section on Ski Jobs for more details on ski fairs and other employment options.

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