Ski Resort Jobs

What are your plans for this winter? If you love skiing or snowboarding – or just being in the snow – then definitely consider working at a ski resort. Many people choose full-time work while others pick up extra cash in the evenings or weekends. Enjoy great perks including discounted or free mountain passes and awesome prices on gear!

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Find a ski resort job close to home or travel to one for the season. Many Europeans even travel to America or Canada for seasonal positions! Learn how to make it happen in JobMonkey’s Ski Resort Jobs section. It’s written by a number of seasoned pros, of course! And don’t forget to search the latest ski industry job listings and see what ski resort jobs are currently available.

Explore these ski resort job options below.

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Ski Industry Overview

There are hundreds of ski areas and resorts worldwide. Find your ideal position, whether it’s on the mountain, in a lodge, or corporate office. We show you how.

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Finding a Ski Job

So you want to work at a ski area. The question is: how do you make it happen? Check out the list of upcoming job fairs and expert tips for developing your skills.

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Ski Instructor Jobs

Become a ski instructor and enjoy perks such as free mountain passes, deep discounts on equipment, and other perks. JobMonkey explains how to get started!

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Mountain Operations Jobs

Have a blast working on the mountain this winter. Ski resorts need lift operators, snowcat drivers, ticket sales people, parking attendants, drivers, and more!

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Other Snow Sports Jobs

On the mountain or behind the scenes, pick your poison! From selling snow sports equipment to helping injured skiers, there are job fitting almost anyone’s profile.

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Top Ski Resorts

The jobs are available. That’s not open for debate. What’s tough is choosing where to work. See our great profiles: Whistler, Vail, Tahoe, and other resorts worldwide.

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