November 22, 2015

10 Secrets You Should Keep From Your Boss

No matter what you do, the office needs to be a professional setting. Even if your company has a casual culture and you’re lucky enough to have a super cool boss, there are some topics that need to be off limits in the office.

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Your boss is directly responsible for your work performance. They control your schedule, your job, your pay, and so many other factors in your life. Keep your boss happy and you’ll be happy too. In order to keep the peace, there are a few secrets you should keep from your boss.

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Here are 10 secrets you should keep from your boss:

  1. Political Viewpoints – Politics play a major role in our world. Everyone has a viewpoint on every issue and these can often be hotly debated. Avoid the conflict of politics by not letting your boss know your viewpoints.
  2. After Hour Activities – Are you a party animal? Don’t let your boss know if you’re out late or feeling hungover at work. It will directly impact his respect for you.
  3. Free Time – What do you do on the weekends? How do you spend your free time? There’s no need to share what you do.
  4. Health Problems – Unless you’re calling in sick for a cold, your boss doesn’t need to know about your personal ailments and health issues.
  5. Relationships – Sob stories about your recent break up and other relationship issues are not things that your boss needs to hear.
  6. Personal Issues – Everyone has personal things that they have to work through. While you need an outlet for these things, the office and your boss are not the places to release your stress.
  7. Financial Issues – Many people are in debt or are busy paying back student loans, but this isn’t a topic that your boss needs to know about.
  8. Living Situation – Do you live in a van or do you still live at home? It’s not something to discuss with your boss.
  9. Job Search – Are you actively searching for another job while you’re currently employed? You’re not alone, but don’t tell your boss about it.
  10. Freelancing Opportunities – If you work a freelance gig or you dabble in the shared economy marketplace to earn a bit of extra cash after work, keep it to yourself. It will make your boss question your loyalty to the company.

These topics are pretty similar to the taboo topics you should avoid with your co-workers, but your boss is a bit different. You need them to respect you and to respect the work that you produce as they are the top of the food chain.

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The boss/employee relationship is an interesting one. It demands respect, but at the same time you want to get along and to be friends too. As a general rule, you need to always keep the workplace professional. If you don’t, it’s easy to upset your boss and that could put your job in jeopardy.

Don’t share everything with your boss.

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