June 22, 2011

Shape Your Future with More Career Education

Do you feel stuck in your career? A lot of people do – and the best way to get yourself “unstuck” is fairly easy: More Education.

The term “easy” is relative, though, as I’m sure you’re aware. Education might be something you control (unlike talent, for example, which you either have or you don’t), but if you’re trying to find a job asap, it might seem as though both time and money are standing in your way. No matter what your situation, however, more education is possible.  You just might have to think outside the box a little. Here’s how to get more education, even if you’re short on time and money, so you can advance to a better job or even a new career:

  • Don’t overlook the power of short training programs. You might not get a degree if you spend a weekend at an educational conference or complete and online course, but these things still make you a stronger job candidate.
  • Consider online degree programs. They’re usually cheaper and because your schedule will be more flexible than at a campus program, you can take classes even as you’re still working a full-time job or raising a family.
  • Apply for scholarships and grants. If you do your research, you can go to school for little out-of-pocket money. Start with the Pell Grant and also check with local organizations, businesses, and groups that might offer financial aid for students.

Are you already working in a career you love, but are just unhappy with your place on the job ladder? Talk to your employer. Some employers will offer tuition reimbursement for employees who want more education and commit to working with the company after receiving their degree. If that’s not possible, you can also as your employer to provide more employee training by bringing in experts in the field just for a day or even an afternoon. Many employers are happy to at least consider helping you get more education in the field if you approach them!

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