March 6, 2014

Super Cool Summer Camp Employers

Have you thought about what you’re going to do this summer? Why not find a job with a summer camp?

According to the American Camp Association, there are over 26,000 camps in the United States. There are countless more camps located around the world in lots of cool places. Where do you want work? There’s probably a summer camp there.

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There are both day and overnight camps focused on exciting things like fitness, religion, themes, discipline, sports, hobbies, technology, space, scouts, outdoor, special needs, art, education, travel, and more. Whatever you’re interested in, there is a camp to match. Working at a summer camp is a cool job that you’ll never forget because it’s totally awesome.

Camps need fun loving people to be counselors, managers, cooks, lifeguards, nurses, and other jobs. It takes a solid team to run a fun camp. Are you ready to work with kids in a cool environment. Luckily if you’re looking for a summer camp job, there are tons of cool summer camp employers. Start your job search with these super cool summer camp employers:

These summer camp employers are just a handful of awesome options. You can search for summer camp jobs on the JobMonkey Job Board or try to find the camp in your dream location on the ACA website.

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