May 5, 2011

The Best Reasons to Become a Blogger

As any blogger will tell you, working in this industry is tough. Whether you work for yourself, running the blog of your dreams, or work as a freelance writer, blogging for other people, you don’t have the security of a steady long-term paycheck like you would with an regular office job.

Although it can be a tough career path, there are definitely advantages. Personally, I like working for myself and making my own schedule, as well as having a voice – it’s awesome to write something that other people will read on a daily basis. Other people have found other advantages to blogging as well.

Today, I went to Twitter and asked: In 140 characters or less, what’s the best reason to work as a blogger? Here were some of the responses I got:

“freedom and the ability to communicate with others your passion” – Christian Lisogorsky (@Kbzon)

“To solidify your own opinions” – Annie Pettit (@LoveStats)

“Create an online home for your voice & passions” – Scott Howard (@ScLoHo)

“Ummm the glory?” – Grandma Mary (@GrandmaMaryShow)

“To get a job in the industry I cov-OHWAITAMINUTE! :P” (@MaximusPaynicus) (He recently got a job in the industry he used to cover on his blog!)

“You run the ship – Setting your own hours, writing about topics that interest you, no pushy bosses” – Serena Freewomyn (@serenafreewomyn)

“Spreading information to those with similar interests. What goes around…” and “Community” – John Henry (@PsychoVandal)

“So I can try to explaining to people what a blogger is!” – Keith (@kbloemendaal)

“The ability to change the course of an important discussion.” – Lisa Barone (@LisaBarone)

I agree with all of what was said above. Running your own blog is difficult, especially if it is your primary source of income. I recommend starting slow, working on your blog part-time and building traffic until you can monetize and someday make it your sole source of income.

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