April 15, 2011

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Working in a Grocery Store

To help pay the bills in college, I worked at a local grocery store. Originally, I thought I’d hate it, but working in retail (essentially, that’s what a grocery store is) isn’t as bad as you might think. In fact, I actually grew to enjoy my shifts as time went on. Grocery stores and other retail locations are starting to rebound as the economy begins to strengthen again, so this is an option you might want to consider if you’re looking for a job or even want to turn a retail job into a career. Here are three things you probably didn’t know about working in a grocery store that could help you decide whether or not this is a good job option for you:

1. Getting the good shifts is all about making your manager look good.

When I worked at the grocery store, I always was super friendly to customers, took extra shifts when people called in sick, and clean up as much as possible so things were ready for the next person. In other words, my manager never has to worry about me – customers and coworkers never had a complaint. Because of that, I pretty much got first pick when my manager made the schedule every week, and when I needed time off, it was never a problem.

2. Some jobs pay better than others.

While most grocery store jobs pay minimum wage, there are some that pay more. If you work in the deli, the meat/seafood department, or customer service, your salary will typically be higher to start, and you’re get bigger scheduled pay raises. If you work overnight stocking shelves, you can also make more money at some grocery stores.

3. Working when it is busy is actually an advantage.

You may initially think that you want to work shifts that aren’t very busy, but if you work in a retail position, this is actually the worst option. You want to work the busiest schedules possible. Time flies when the after-work rush hits the store or on busy days, such as holidays. When it’s slow, your shift will drag on forever.

Have you worked in a grocery store? If so, share you experiences with our readers by leaving a comment!

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