November 2, 2009

Top 10 Jobs in a Recession

Parade Magazine ran a great feature in last weekend’s paper with the top 10 jobs for a recession. Some of them were the same-old standards I’ve been posting about for the last year (like in Job Search Tips for the Economic Recovery and Newsweek’s Top Recession Proof Careers). But there were a couple jobs on the list that caught me by surprise — hooray for innovation! Without further adieu, the first five from the list:

  1. Accountant — A good bean counter is more important than ever in this economy!
  2. Administrative Assistant — According to Parade, the definition of the AA has grown tremendously in the last decade. From the switchboard operator of the 1960s to the nerve center of today’s workplace.
  3. Customer Service Representative — Here is one that surprised me, as I’d assumed that all service-type jobs were under the gun. I know that retail jobs sure are. But, according to Parade, the economy has made consumers more discerning than ever — which means they expect higher quality customer service. Hmmm, I’m not convinced this rings so true. Have you noticed better service during the downturn?
  4. Police Officer — Yup, law enforcement jobs are as recession-proof as they come. And thanks to stimulus dollars, more local police are able to stay afloat. The Parade article points out the competition may be stiffer, given the layoffs in other fields, so expect a run for your money if you’re getting into law enforcement.
  5. Staff Nurse, RN — Other expected entry, though the article does point out that growth in hospitals has slowed while nursing jobs at nursing care facilities and home healthcare are organizations are growing. Also in demand are other allied health professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Medical Assistants.

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