September 21, 2010

Top Five Reasons to Consider a Career in Healthcare

Healthcare jobs are available in fields like nursing, optometry, surgery, dental work, pharmacy, and more. If you’ve enjoyed classes in subject areas like biology and chemistry, this might be a great career field for you to consider. Here are the top five reasons you should think about getting a degree and finding a healthcare job:

  1. The job market is actively looking for new workers. While unemployment rates may be at record highs, works are needed in many areas of healthcare. Once you graduate from an educational program and get your license, you can fairly easily find a job that fits your interests.
  2. Jobs are available across the country. Workers in healthcare are needed across the country. So, no matter where you want to live, from rural locations to big cities, you can find a job.
  3. Financial aid is readily available for students in this field. The government has programs available to help pay for college for healthcare students in order to encourage more people to consider this career field. There are also a large number of private organizations that offer scholarships and grants, and you may even qualify for student loan repayment programs after you graduate.
  4. You can work a non-traditional hours. Not every healthcare worker has a 9-to-5 job. While you may need to be on call, depending on your chosen career field, there’s more flexibility in this career field in terms of scheduling for those interested in raising a family.
  5. A job in healthcare comes attached to a great salary. In nearly every healthcare field, you’ll make more money than average, and in some, like surgery, you can expect to make substantially more. If you put in the time to get the education, the sky really is the limit, no matter what your specific healthcare field.

Keep in mind that a career in healthcare doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work as a doctor or nurse. Degree programs are also available in fields like public health administration, healthcare management, and healthcare education.

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