October 12, 2014

7 of the Top Job Search Myths

The job search is a challenging puzzle. Everybody’s job search is different and nothing in the job search seems totally straightforward. Even though there are endless job search resources available online, it’s up to you to determine what job search tactics work for you.

It may surprise you, but many of the things you think you know about the job search are just myths. Don’t assume you know everything about the job search. You don’t. Nobody does. We’re here to debunk some of the more common job search myths that we run across. This should help get your job search on the right path:

  1. Myth: You will find your next job online. – It’s possible that you will get hired just by being online, but the majority of jobs are not found online. People get hired by getting out and networking. Make professional connections. Attend events. Join professional organizations. Establish your brand. Most jobs are filled by referrals. Don’t waste your time staring at a computer screen. It’s bad for your vision and it most likely won’t get you hired.
  2. Myth: You will always get an interview. – Unfortunately, this is not the always the case. The job market is competitive and recruiters usually only grant interviews to candidates that they are seriously interested in hiring. You aren’t entitled to a job interview just because you apply.
  3. Myth: The more jobs you apply for, the better your chances of getting hired. – This is the fastest way to get your application sent to the “spam folder.” In some cases, applying for jobs in mass is a good idea, but not usually. Instead target your job search toward jobs that you really want. Customize each resume and cover letter for each specific job. Targeted, focused job applications to a few specific jobs and companies is better than application blasting every job posting on the Internet.
  4. Myth: LinkedIn is the only online presence you need. – Millions of people just like you post their resume on LinkedIn. Make your online presence unique. Start a blog, establish your expertise, and expand your brand. Then remember you have to actually turn off the computer and go network with real live humans. Log some face time. Go out and meet people in person. Collect business cards. Sell yourself.
  5. Myth: It’s career suicide to turn down a job offer. – You need to accept the right job for you. It’s absolutely acceptable to turn down a job offer. Consider the whole picture – location, benefits, salary, job description. If you turn down one job, another one will come along.
  6. Myth: Every job is listed online. – Not true. Many jobs are posted online, but not all of them. Most jobs are filled internally or via referral. Sometimes jobs are posted online just as a formality. Don’t wait for your dream job to get posted online. Instead go out and network with the people, companies, and associations that may be in the position to refer you to the job when it does open up. Be proactive.
  7. Myth: Resumes and cover letters are the most important part of the job search. – It’s easy to spend countless hours tweaking your resume and cover letter, but it’s not the only factor that recruiters consider. Anyone can write (or hire someone to write) an outstanding resume. Yes, it might help to land you an interview, but remember that companies want to hire you for who you are and what you can do for the company, not what some piece of paper says you did. Recruiters look at applicant’s personality and experience, and then consider how they will fit in with the company and the culture.

Are any of these job search myths surprising to you? Job search myths trick everyone up. Maybe it’s time for you to change your job search strategies? A few simple changes in your tactics and techniques can be a major game changer. Switch your job search mentality and see what happens. Hopefully this post points you in the right direction and helps you find a job!

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