February 7, 2015

The Top Ten Theme Park Employers

According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, there are over 400 amusement parks and attractions in the United States. In 2010, over 290 million people visited those theme parks. They generated $12 billion in revenue and added $57 million to the US economy. Plus, they employed 600,000 year round and seasonal employees. Maybe it’s time to look for a theme park job?

Theme parks and amusement parks are just plain fun. They exist for people to have a good time. Each one has a unique vibe – water park, family fun, roller coasters, learning based. They are all designed to be entertainment centers that attract people from all over the world to work, play, and enjoy.

Learn More About Theme Park Jobs

Theme parks operate year round, but they boom in the summer months. This makes it the perfect place to find a cool seasonal job. You could be ride operator, performer, mascot, host, retail clerk, games ambassador, or part of the restaurant team. There are always opportunities to seek year round employment with theme parks if you love your job too.

Now is the time to start applying for theme park jobs. Theme parks are actively hiring people right now for the upcoming summer season. Plan ahead. Get your resume ready. Head to a local job fair. Apply for theme park jobs today.

We found a great list from travel-focused Fodors.com about the 10 Best US Theme Parks For 2014. Why not consider one of these great theme park employers?

  1. Universal Orlando
  2. Six Flags Great America
  3. King’s Island
  4. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  5. Magic Kingdom
  6. Six Flags New England
  7. Six Flags Great Adventure
  8. Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay
  9. Universal Studios Hollywood
  10. The Adventuredome

Start your search with the one of the top 10 theme park employers or find your next job with one of these cool theme park employers:

Whether your dining with Shamu, dressed up as Mickey Mouse, pulling the strings on a Sesame Street puppet show, or operating the Harry Potter ride, a theme park job is an awesome way to make a paycheck. You can do it for a season or a lifetime.

Working at a theme park presents cool opportunities, a relaxed “office”, an enjoyable culture, and a fun-filled job. It’s all fun and games. And it’s a job too! Does this sound perfect to you?

We have an entire section of our job board devoted to Theme Park Jobs. Start your theme park job search today!

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