July 27, 2014

18 Totally Bizarre Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

How many ways are there to make a living? There’s no official answer to this question. The word is full of wild and wacky job titles. What do you do? Do you think it qualifies as a bizarre job?

Everyone gets to choose what they want to do when they “grow-up.” Most people want to be an astronaut, doctor, surfer, or farmer. For most of us, we end up on a different career path than when we thought we would at age six.

In fact, sometimes our career paths follow a totally unexpected route. That’s how the world of bizarre jobs gets filled. While you may not plan to pursue one of the following jobs, somebody will. They are necessary for our world to function. But some of these jobs are almost too ridiculous to believe!

Everyone is meant to do something. Maybe one of these bizarre jobs is your true calling:

  • Airplane Repo Man – Did someone miss a payment on that million dollar jet? Send in the repo man.
  • Rickshaw Driver – Bicycle taxi drivers are popular in urban areas. Throw a few seats on the back of your bike and start charging.
  • Voice Over Actor – If you have a unique, clear voice this could be the perfect niche for you.
  • Furniture Tester – Do you have a comfy, functional, and sturdy chair, sofa, or bed? You can thank a furniture tester for that.
  • Ski Slope Illustrator – Every ski resort needs an easy to read map. Use your artist skills to get ahead in this very specialized niche.
  • Bounty Hunter – People skip bail everyday. Somebody needs to go out and find them.
  • Recovery Diver – Golf balls, shipwrecks, oil, and other things are hidden underwater. Want to go and bring them back to the surface?
  • Shot Girl – People love shots of hard alcohol. Serve them up and get a tip or two at the same time.
  • Maggot Farmer – We still are not sure why anyone would want to do this, but maggots are used in forensic labs, fishing, and compost.
  • Chimney Sweep – Chimneys are tight, disgusting places. Want to crawl inside and clean it up?
  • Roadkill Collector – Animals get hit and killed by motor vehicles everyday. Somebody has to clean them up.
  • Bug Detective – This science based job is the ideal way to learn the inner workings of bugs to see how they can be a benefit and a hindrance to society.
  • Snake Milker – Does extracting snake venom to be used in anti-venom sound fun?
  • Mobile Windshield Repair Technician – How many times have you chipped the windshield of your car? This job comes to your home and repairs the damage.
  • Monkey Caretaker – Monkeys (and other primates) are cuties. Why not spend your entire working life taking care of them?
  • Special Effects Artist – Movies are believable because of the visual and sound effects, but how do they really makes some of those sounds?
  • Rodeo Clown – What inspires people to dress up in a goofy get up and run around in front of angry bulls?
  • Ethical Hacker – If you have a talent for hacking, why not do it legally?
  • Septic Tank Cleaner – Gross. Somebody has to do.

Which of these jobs would you choose to do? You can learn about some of the bizarre jobs on JobMonkey. We also have info a whole bunch of other unique jobs that might interest you. You can learn about even more jobs when you  tune in to Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs show. That guy has done some crazy things while explore the world of dirty jobs.

What other totally bizarre jobs have you heard of? Come and tell us on Facebook. A job we’ve never heard of always makes us smile.

You can try to find these off-the-wall, bizarre jobs on the JobMonkey Job Board. If you can’t, you may have to dig a little deeper with the powers of Google to learn more about these totally bizarre gigs.

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