October 12, 2015

9 Companies That Pay You To Work On The Railroad

Nearly 140,000 miles of railways crisscross the United States transporting cargo and passengers to destinations big and small. This $60 billion industry employs hundreds of thousands of people who work on trains, rail yards, and in offices across the country.

Train Transporting Freight Through Mountains Picture

According to the Association of American Railroads, the average wages and benefits of a freight railroad employee is $109,570. Now that’s a solid salary for working on the railroad.

Learn More About The Railroad Industry

The US railroad industry is rich with history. It exploded in the 1800’s and ultimately revolutionized the United States by opening cross country travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific in the 1860’s. Since then it has expanded into an economically friendly and environmentally friendly transportation option in the US. The train industry makes an impact on countries around the world. As technology advances, it will be exciting to see where the train industry goes.

It’s a niche that pays all sorts people to do cool things – things that make the railroad industry operate. Are you keen to find a job as a baggage handler, train conductor, yardmaster, locomotive engineer, signal operator, mechanic, rail yard worker, admin, or brakeman?

If so, your next “office” could be a 7 km train barreling down the tracks. And your view could be the stunning scenery of the United States. Sounds pretty nice, right? Start your railroad job search with these companies that pay you to work on the railroad:

  1. CSX
  2. Genesee & Wyoming
  3. Norfolk Southern
  4. Amtrak
  5. RailAmerica
  6. Union Pacific
  7. Watco Companies
  8. Canadian Pacific
  9. Canadian National Railway Company

Are you ready to find a job that pays you well, allows you to see the country, and has a strong history, then the railroad industry is the place to be. This mainstay in the transportation industry needs hard workers like you to work on the railroad. Find a railroad job on the JobMonkey JobCenter today.

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