August 15, 2016

Spotlight: Train Conductor

Trains are one of the major forms of transportation in the United States. With roughly 140,000 miles of train tracks in the USA, there’s bound to be a train near you right now. That also means that there are jobs in the train industry that you could apply for near you too. According to the American […]

October 12, 2015

9 Companies That Pay You To Work On The Railroad

Nearly 140,000 miles of railways crisscross the United States transporting cargo and passengers to destinations big and small. This $60 billion industry employs hundreds of thousands of people who work on trains, rail yards, and in offices across the country. According to the Association of American Railroads, the average wages and benefits of a freight […]

December 29, 2013

The Most Popular Railroad Jobs

Trains are an awesome mode of transportation. Railways criss cross the world. They’re located in urban and rural areas and that means lots of railroad jobs. Are you ready to learn more about some of the most popular railroad jobs? Trains move people and freight in an easy, inexpensive, and efficient manner. They are multi-purpose form […]

January 28, 2010

President Obama Talks Job Creation, High Speed Railway in State of the Union Address

In President Obama’s first State of the Union address last night, he waxed on for 70-some minutes about the economy, the housing crisis, the health care reform (meltdown) and Iraq and Afghanistan. But amidst those important issues, his top priority for the coming year was clear: Job creation. Jobs must be our number one focus […]

December 7, 2009

Warren Buffett Buys Railroad: What it means for you?

Have you heard? Billionaire mogul Warren Buffet is buying a railroad. In November, his company, Hathaway Inc., proposed a $26.3 billion acquisition of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. The Federal Trade Commission finished its review of the deal today, prompting Buffet’s company to predict that the deal will close by the first quarter of 2010. […]

November 25, 2009

Hot Jobs 63: Train and Railroad Jobs

Happy Wednesday everybody! I’m sorry I am so late with these job leads; the turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing took precedence today. But never fear, I’ve got three great job leads to share with you on this Thanksgiving Eve. If you head on over to the JobMonkey’s free Job Center right now, you will see […]

August 31, 2009

New Information at the JobMonkey: Railroad Jobs & Business Franchise Opportunities

The JobMonkey just launched two brand new sections on new and cool job opportunities: railroad jobs and business franchises. Have you always dreamed of workin’ on a railroad? What about owning your own franchise? The JobMonkey tells you everything you need to know to get started in either of these exciting — and potentially lucrative […]

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