November 25, 2009

Hot Jobs 63: Train and Railroad Jobs

Happy Wednesday everybody! I’m sorry I am so late with these job leads; the turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing took precedence today.

But never fear, I’ve got three great job leads to share with you on this Thanksgiving Eve.

If you head on over to the JobMonkey’s free Job Center right now, you will see a couple of pages of awesome railroad jobs. What an amazing way to earn a paycheck while seeing the country! If you want to learn more about working on the railroad (all the livelong day), check out our newest section on working for railroad companies.

1. Assistant Roadmaster Job, Kansas City Southern Railway Co., Texarkana, TX

The job of the roadmaster is to inspects and fix any track that slows or stops the movement of trains in his or her assigned territory. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of a college degree, along with three years experience in railroad engineering, successful completion of the FRA Track Safety Standards class, and basic computer skills.

2. Carman Apprentice, Canadian National Railway Company, Mobile, AL

The job of the carman is to build, repair and inspect railway cars and trailers to assure that they comply with federal and company regulations. The ideal candidate will have good eye-hand coordination, be able to lift up to 100 pounds, and be willing to work outdoors in extreme weather conditions with regular exposure to dust, pollen, fumes, noise and vibrations. Minimum job requirements include a high school diploma and completion of the 4-year apprenticeship required to become a Journeyman Car Mechanic. Night, weekend and holiday work hours as needed.

3. Conductor, Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. , Galveston, TX

The job of a conductor is to operate track switches, couples and uncouples cars, signal the crew members for engine movement, and relay lantern or radio signals. The ideal candidate will have excellent oral communication skills, physical strength and/or endurance. Additional requirements include a minimum of a high school diploma (although an AA is preferred), 2 years of railroad experience, and the willingness to work outdoor in harsh weather conditions.

If you didn’t find the job of your dreams on our hot jobs list today, be sure to check out the JobMonkey Job Center for hundreds of other listings in every imaginable field.

Good luck with your job search this week! And remember: Even if you have been looking for a while, take a moment to count your blessings this Thanksgiving season. We all have something in our lives to be grateful for!

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