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Interested in seeing the world? Have you always wanted to travel but don’t have the money to take off for months at a time? Do you need a job, but dream of seeing new and exciting places?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then perhaps you should consider a job that allows you to do all three!

JobMonkey has always been passionate about travel jobs. We see the value in experiencing new cultures, people, and places but understand that not everyone can enjoy these benefits because of work. That is why we’re featuring some of the most exciting jobs in the industry through our travel jobs pages! With our travel jobs we provide the perfect opportunity for job hunters to make money while traveling. This allows people the luxury of seeing and experiencing places without having to sacrifice thousands of dollars to do so on a vacation. By working a travel job you can experience a vacation of a lifetime, but get paid to do so! We think that sounds like a pretty good deal. Find out more about the types of jobs you will learn about on the following pages in our travel jobs section.

Travel jobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some, like teaching English abroad will land you in a foreign country for months at a time – sometimes even years. Others, like dude ranch jobs and tour guide jobs, are great seasonal jobs that will afford you’re the opportunity to make money while visiting different places over the course of just a few months. Of course, the type of travel job you pick will vary from person to person.

College students with a few months off from school will see the advantage of picking a job in Alaska, that has super short-term earning potential, where the natural surroundings are unsurpassed. Other seasonal job hunters may want to work at a wilderness lodge, in a national or state park, or tourism hotspot somewhere in the world.

On the following pages learn about the variety of travel jobs featured on JobMonkey. You will gain valuable information about cruise ship jobs, dude ranch jobs, ski resort jobs, teaching English abroad jobs, nanny jobs, and summer camp jobs. On each of these pages discover job information like pay and work structure in addition to the type of travel adventures that job will afford you.

Find other incredible job and travel opportunities with the jobs found on our JobMonkey home page. We’re certain that you will find the perfect job for you’re your moneymaking and traveling needs. Find out more now!

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